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About Whatsadda

This website is not a government website but is designed to reach you with government and private job advertisements
On this website you will find advertisements for all government or private jobs in English, on your whatsadda website.

Our aim is not only to publish advertisements or advertisements to the students but also to provide free courses to the students as well as free study notes.

Many advertisements are published on your website every day and we have started whatsadda current affairs. This is a small effort to identify the main objectives of many needy smart students.

Whatsadda career mantra 

is started every week on this website as a guide for your career so that we are trying to answer the questions of many students not only about the government but also about private jobs and the answers to those questions in their minds.

At this site you will be the first to see the results for each government job as well as private job

We also try to provide educational guidance
Question papers are prepared every month from the notes published on the website and through it you are practiced for free. It is also practiced for every previous question paper and many mock tests are asked for the questions we have prepared for practice.  So that a little in your practice  But not only will the Advertisement or Job whatsadda in the previous question on this website are provided free of cost
Many free books are also made available to many students who are trying for competitive exams and also important books are given for competitive exams so that the students can study better.

So not only for government job or private job but also through educational guidance, practice for each recruitment writing, and trying to answer many educational or job related questions that you have in mind.
If you visit your website every day, you will definitely learn something every day that will be needed throughout your career or academic career.

Thanks for the amazing feedback you gave. All this information is from your whatsadda website

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